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Business OpinionSo I Married an Avatar
Shava Nerad's wedding was a dream. The blue sky that kissed the dome of the ornate gazebo where she tied the knot on Feb. 9 was painted with an impressionist's brush. Her dress was speckled with rubies. Her self-composed vows were filled with passio...
Author:Catherine HolahanDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
Business OpinionShelter from the Storm
The numbers are grim, even if they seem familiar by now. In 2007, lenders filed foreclosure notices on 90,782 homes in Illinois, up 25.3% from a year earlier. That tally puts the state among the top 10 nationally in foreclosures, says RealtyTrac, an...
Author:Maggie GilmourDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionTalking Your Way In
For thousands of wannabe MBAs sweating admissions decisions, Wake Forest's Babcock Graduate School of Management has an uncommon solution: Talk more, sweat less. Instead of waiting for weeks to hear from business schools, applicants in Babcock's Don...
Author:Derek ThompsonDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionBond insurer plan may inject positive note
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Efforts to rescue a distraught U.S. bond insurance industry could inject a positive note on Wall Street but the economic data and earnings reports on tap for this week are unlikely to change a downward trend for stocks. Investor...
Author:Herbert LashDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionFed chief sought opinions amid turmoil
WASHINGTON - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke consulted with predecessor Alan Greenspan, major financial players and even a speech consultant as he grappled with growing economic turmoil. Bernanke met with Greenspan, who ran the Fed for 18 1/2...
Author:JEANNINE AVERSADate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionProperty Crunch Could Whack Brit Banks
Walking around London's financial district is like touring a construction site. Giant cranes dot the skyline around St. Paul's Cathedral as workers busy themselves putting up the latest additions to Britain's long-running boom in commercial property...
Author:Mark ScottDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionFBI Widens Net Around Subprime Industry
The squeeze appears to be getting tighter for the subprime mortgage industry and its many players. Investigators with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have opened probes into alleged accounting fraud, insider trading, and concerns over loan secur...
Author:Jane SasseenDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionThe Recession Talk Your Board Should Have
Given the increasing likelihood of a recession, board meetings in the next few weeks are certain to include discussions about course corrections to stave off potential earnings hits. Such discussions are likely to irritate many management teams, who...
Author:Kevin P. CoyneDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionPlan for long haul but tweak holdings
NEW YORK - Bob Freedland tries to follow the advice of the pros and keep his money invested for the long term but Wall Street's latest jitters have left him a little worried. Like many investors alarmed by an unyielding parade of triple-digit moves...
Author:TIM PARADISDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Business OpinionSADC effort not a day too early
Tanzania is looking to benefit from the new, strong Southern Africa tourism marketing strategies in a joint marshall plan to create a regional tourist package. The marketing plan which is under implementation will be working to incorporate 14 member...
Author:UnknownDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Business OpinionIndian Companies Struggle as Wages Rise
In a country with over 1 billion people, a worker shortage shouldn't be high on the list of concerns for corporate executives. But India, with the world's second-largest population, has a labor shortage in many industries. Even as Mumbai stock market...
Author:Nandini LakshmanDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Business OpinionFannie and Freddie to the Rescue?
Hoping to speed delivery of its $150 billion pick-me-up for the U.S. economy, the Bush Administration reluctantly agreed to temporarily increase the size of the mortgages Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM - News) and Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE - News) can purchase, fr...
Author:Dawn KopeckiDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Business OpinionYou Can't Learn Management in a Classroom
Forty years ago I was an enthusiastic advocate of formal business education. I was involved in the beginnings of three of the leading business schools in Britain, following my own indoctrination as an executive student at the MIT Sloan School of Mana...
Author:Charles HandyDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Business OpinionMagellan fund reopens after 10 years
NEW YORK - Having lost some business, the best-known club in the mutual fund industry is swapping its members only sign for a welcome mat. Fidelity Investments' decision to allow investors unfettered entry to its storied Magellan Fund for the first...
Author:TIM PARADISDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Business OpinionFed rate cut, jobs data may lift stocks
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street may put the brakes on a steep decline next week, when a rate cut is anticipated from the Fed, and Friday's monthly jobs data may trigger a comeback for stocks after their January funk. Even after this week's two-day...
Author:Cal MankowskiDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
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