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Announces New Professional Education Series to Certify Thera Author:Unknown Date:03/25/14 Click:

RLI offers four levels of training providing different degrees of certification in Relational Life Therapy Model including CEUs.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 19, 2008 -- The Relational Life Institute (RLI) announces a new professional certification program to develop credentialed experts in the new psychoanalytical model of Relational Life Therapy™. RLI is a think tank founded in 2002 to develop next generation modalities for relational and psychological health.

The new professional educational series will train therapists and other helping professionals in the theoretical concepts of the Relational Life Model™ and teach competency in the clinical practice of Relational Life Therapy™. Four levels of training providing different degrees of certification in the Relational Life Therapy model will be offered. Therapists and helping professionals such as coaches and clergy are encouraged to complete all levels, but they may also participate at the stage of training that best meets their interests and private practice. Certificates of completion will be awarded to graduates of each level.

The curriculum includes completion of virtual courses, tele-courses, workshops and professional practica all of which are offered through the RLI website inside the Therapists, Coaches and Helping Professionals portal at Matriculation requirements, course descriptions pre-requisites and other information are available at that website. At each level, professionals are required to engage in 30 units of continuing education in Relational Life Training within 24 months of obtaining a certificate to maintain active status as a graduate.

Professionals who achieve RLT certification are able to incorporate this model of therapy that is considered by many therapists as the most significant advancement in psychoanalysis since Carl Rodgers introduced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the 1960s. Developed by Terry Real over 25 years of licensed clinical practice, RLT corrects the limitations of traditional therapeutic models by directly engaging both the blatant and latent personalities. RLT breaks the endless cycle of analysis by providing concrete solutions that allow clients to achieve healing and immediate, long-lasting transformations.

The certification program will be offered through REAL Relational Solutions, Inc. (RRS), the e-commerce platform developed to deliver continuing education and therapeutic solutions to the professional, consumer and business communities.

Media Contact: Kimberly Krautter, 404-229-1073, kkrautter @


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