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Dynamic Software Suite Enables Effective Streamlined Support Author:Unknown Date:03/25/14 Click:

Dynamic Software Suite Enables Effective Streamlined Support

Vienna, VA (Vocus) January 28, 2008 -- Parature, the global leader in on-demand customer support software, announced today that the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) has selected Parature Service & Support Software to manage the support needs of their 2,000 professional members across the US and Canada and their consumers. ATRA is a member owned non-profit international trade association for automatic transmission repair industry professionals that is committed to providing superior training, support and technical information based on the needs, trends, and opportunities of the Transmission/Powertrain industry.

ATRA serves a substantial number of industry professionals and consumers throughout the US and Canada, according to Dennis Madden, CEO. The custom software they developed to manage their support requests and general consumer information did not do everything they wanted it to do. Additionally, the critical features they needed to integrate were out of scope and too expensive to incorporate into this proprietary software, making it an unacceptable solution to provide their members with effective support. Implementing Parature software ensures effective internal communication, exceptional member support, and enables member self-service all in one unified system.
“Implementing Parature software provides us with the ability to effectively manage our member support requests and empowers us to provide the level of service our members deserve, helping us to ensure membership growth and retention,” stated Madden. “Additionally, the fact that Parature software can be integrated with our association management software, IMIS, is an immense benefit.”

Parature enables any organization to fundamentally change the way they support their customers through its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and integrated, intuitive design that empowers organizations to better and more efficiently serve, support, engage with and retain customers in today’s web world. The seamlessly integrated suite of Parature modules allows organizations to effectively manage all of their support needs. This dynamic, online software provides the necessary technology to resolve issues quickly and reliably, increasing satisfaction ratings.

“Associations are consistently challenged to retain their members and effectively manage their member support requests,” said Duke Chung, Parature President and CEO. “Parature is championing the way to provide associations with the smartest, most efficient way to streamline and strengthen ongoing member responsiveness and communication; increasing member retention and improving the efficiency & effectiveness of their support teams.”

Parature, Inc.
Parature, the leader in on-demand customer service software, makes it possible for any business to leverage the Internet to provide outstanding customer service. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and integrated, intuitive design enables organizations to better and more efficiently serve, support, engage with and retain customers in today’s web world. Founded in 2000, Parature received the 2007 Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine and has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. For the past three consecutive years Parature has been on the Washington Business Journal’s list of Best Places to Work. Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, Parature is at work in organizations of all types and sizes, and helps support more than 8 million end users worldwide. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Dayna Tenorio
(703) 564-7758

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