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Some Play, Others Pass on Super Bowl Ads

Deciding whether to splurge on a Super Bowl commercial is one of the biggest calls marketing teams make each year. A glance at some who are playing and some who are passing for this year's game:

ANHEUSER-BUSCH -- Budweiser commercials have become a part of Super Bowl TV viewing, and this year's no different, with the company running seven spots for the huge beer-drinking audience.

MONSTER.COM -- The online job search site took off with its "When I Grow Up" commercial in 1999, but it focused this year's advertising campaign around New Year's Day for people re-examining their lives and careers for 2008.

NATIONWIDE INSURANCE -- Kevin Federline, aspiring rap star and now ex-husband of Britney Spears, got his best reviews for last year's "Life Comes at You Fast" commercial portraying him as a daydreaming fast-food worker. Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide this year is concentrating on its NASCAR sponsorship.

PROCTER & GAMBLE -- The nation's biggest advertiser has been slow to warm up to the Super Bowl, but its Tide to Go portable stain remover will be featured this year.

VICTORIA'S SECRET -- The lingerie brand hopes a commercial featuring model Adriana Lima will help heat up sales for Valentine's Day in its first Super Bowl commercial since a 1999 spot highlighted its then-new Web site and fashion show.

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