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College & EducationThe Basics of MBA Budgeting
Being shaky with personal finances is the dirty little secret of many business school students. While most would-be MBAs know corporate finance like the back of their hands, personal finance is a whole other matter for many of them. Bonnie Lack, dir...
Author:Francesca Di MeglioDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
College & EducationGetting on the Fast Track To an Executive M.B.A.
Jiye Shi, a scientist for the biopharmaceutical company UCB, travels regularly to Europe on business and didn't think he could fit an executive M.B.A. program into his globetrotting schedule. But he recently discovered a revamped program at the Univ...
Author:Ronald AlsopDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationGetting a Running Start at B-School
Like many first-year students, Shahnaz Shushtari walked onto Cornell's Johnson School campus last fall thinking she had the right game plan for her first semester of business school. Eager to be involved in campus activities, she signed up for 15 cl...
Author:Alison DamastDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
College & EducationPlaying the Market
The spirit of Gordon Gekko is alive in the halls of academia. The accomplished and the aspiring in business from all walks embark on a masters of business administration program with at least one commonality -- an appetite for financial success. Amo...
Author:Matthew KirdahyDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & Education"Gap Years" Can Be Smart Move for High School Seniors
ELAINE BARR, 19, spent several months last year feeding snakes, foxes and even a polar bear. It was all part of an internship in the wildlife department of EcoTarium, a small museum in Worcester, Mass. Her internship there was the first of three she...
Author:Lisa ScherzerDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationWith Preschool Tuition Soaring, Parents Seek Alternatives
AS A PARENT OF a young child, you may worry that soaring college tuition costs will keep you from living out the retirement of your dreams. But have you looked at preschool prices? As many parents of 3-year-olds know all too well, the monthly tuitio...
Author:Lisa ScherzerDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationThe Most Expensive Preschools
If you're like many new parents, nothing's too good for your little genius, including $30,440 for preschool so your 4-year-old can occupy a few hours each day playing with blocks and finger painting in an organized setting. Think that's a typo? Thin...
Author:Liz MoyerDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
College & EducationFinding a Good Grade School, for a Fee
Megan Kallstrom had stellar grades, strong test scores, and sterling recommendations from her middle school teachers. But her mother, Rosemary Morgan, worried that wouldn't be enough to get her into the Marin Academy in San Rafael, Calif. The privat...
Author:Eddy RamirezDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationSelling Students into Credit-Card Debt
Citibank pitched an offer at Ohio State University that few college students would refuse: free food. The bank plastered the Columbus campus with advertisements for free sandwiches at a local haunt, Potbelly. The only catch? Students had to submit a...
Author:Jessica Silver-GreenDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationPutting College Within Reach for Many
Eileen Huang sounds like a typical high-achieving student at one of the nation's top universities. Now in her second year at Yale, Huang enjoys her courses -- philosophy and psychology are among her favorite subjects -- and extracurricular pursuits...
Author:Sophia AsareDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationBorrow From a 401(k) for College?
I am a 43-year-old single mother with three kids. I save aggressively for retirement because I don't know if I'll ever meet and marry a millionaire. If my kids do not get full rides to college, and I need to help fund their college in the next two t...
Author:Kimberly LankfordDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationHow to Get Someone Else to Pay Your College Loans
Like a lot of graduates, Luke Livingston faced a mountain of student-loan debt when he finished up last spring at Clarke University in Worcester, Mass. Unlike a lot of graduates, though, he's since cooked up an ingenious way to pay it back: Ask spon...
Author:Laura MoranDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationDo You Have a Gifted Child?
On what point can all experts in gifted education agree? A gifted child can be talented across so many different areas that often you need to look hard to find him or her. But one thing is clear--each is a truly extraordinary individual. But there's...
Author:Hana R. AlbertsDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationWhat Ivies' Newfound Largess Means for Your College Savings
Getting into a top-flight college is still tough. Paying for one just got easier. With Harvard, Yale and others replacing loans in their financial-aid packages with outright grant money, applying for aid is suddenly far more enticing, and even famil...
Author:Jonathan ClementsDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
College & EducationDon't dwell on college savings options
Dear College Money Guru, My husband and I are interested in a college saving program for our children who are 6 and 9 years old. We live in Miami and are looking for your advice. -- Karen Dear Karen, You have a lot of options when it comes to saving...
Author:Joseph HurleyDate:03/25/14Click:7668 Full Story »
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