InsuranceBad Cancer Tests Drawing Scrutiny
Thousands of breast-cancer patients may be getting the wrong treatment because of errors in two laboratory tests widely used to determine which drugs are prescribed. The tests are used to help determine whether women with invasive breast cancer will...
Author:Anna Wilde MathewsDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
InsuranceGetting Fit Without Getting Hurt
Exercise can help keep you out of the health-care system -- except when it doesn't. With the added pressure of New Year's resolutions, people kicking off fitness regimes during the winter months can end up sabotaging their plans and hurting themselv...
Author:Kristen GerencherDate:03/25/14Click:7673 Full Story »
InsuranceWhy Keep on Giving?
There's a saying that grandchildren are life's greatest bargain because you can give them a handful of loose change and they'll give you a million dollars worth of pleasure. With that in mind, putting more serious dollars to work in order to provide...
Author:Chuck JaffeDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
InsuranceLife insurance safeguards and trapdoors
It can be emotionally draining to watch aging parents lose control of their finances. But it can be positively devastating to learn after the fact that they forgot to pay the premiums on their life insurance policies and accidentally allowed them to...
Author:Jay MacDonaldDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
InsuranceThe Case for Insurance-Based Investments
Buy term and invest the rest. That's the mantra among many experts who see term insurance as the only smart way to protect yourself and your family. The unfortunate thing, however, is that insurance-based investments have a lot of untapped potential...
Author:Dan CaplingerDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceHow to Handle Life Insurance Needs for Your Elderly Relative
A recent cancer diagnosis has forced an evaluation of my Dad's finances. As we shake down the numbers, a huge monthly life insurance premium jumps out as one of the first items to address. Just what we need right now, facing a major health care cris...
Author:Jennifer OpenshawDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
InsuranceInsurers Paying to Rebuild Greener Homes
Insurers Launch 'Green' Policies That Let Homeowners Rebuild to Eco-Friendly Standards NEW YORK (AP) -- Sean Walsh returned to his mother's San Diego home after the October wildfires to find it charred to its foundation. He says he plans to help her...
Author:Lauren VillagranDate:03/25/14Click:7672 Full Story »
InsuranceDealing With a Disaster and Your Insurance Company
The disaster has passed, leaving behind a mess so complete it's hard to know where to begin putting things right. Resist the temptation to run away and worry about it later. Your mission -- and you better accept it -- is to call your insurers and ge...
Author:Jennie L. PhippsDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceDon't File That Insurance Claim!
If you've filed three or more small claims in a single year, home insurers can raise your rates -- or even refuse to renew your policy. That's the word from Carolyn Gorman of the Insurance Information Institute, quoted in a recent issue of Bottom Li...
Author:Selena MaranjianDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceU.S. Cities With the Highest Theft Rates
Imitation's not the sincerest form of flattery. Theft is. Anyone can dress like you, talk like you or copy your hairstyle. But they really have to want what you've got if they're willing to risk their limbs to get the shirt off your back. Or the car...
Author:Michael MaielloDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceInsurance Prices to Fall in '08
Insurance Prices Seen Lower in 2008 on Competition, Sagging Economy CHICAGO (AP) -- Prices for most types of property and casualty insurance are expected to fall in 2008 for the first time since World War II, as a weakening economy and heightened co...
Author:UnknownDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
InsuranceCrash Ratings Don't Accurately Reflect Trucks' Real-World Sa
Crash tests conducted by the government and insurance industry may be a poor indicator of how safe -- or unsafe -- pickup trucks are, an independent study suggests. The trucks that performed badly in simulated crashes may be safer than their ratings...
Author:Hilary JohnsonDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceNew Radar Detectors Give Speed Freaks a Rush
As people endure longer commutes and growing traffic jams, they are increasingly tempted to hit the gas pedal harder. Police are fighting back with a web of electronic surveillance, from laser and radar speed traps to automated cameras that spot spe...
Author:Jonathan WelshDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
InsuranceThe Right Insurance for a Rocky Economy
Unemployment currently stands at 5%, but David Wyss, the chief economist for Standard Poor's, sees it creeping up to 5.5% by the end of this year. That means up to 750,000 Americans could potentially lose their jobs in 2008. Are you prepared -- fina...
Author:Beth PiskoraDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
InsuranceTrue cost of not maintaining your car
People on tight budgets are often tempted to skip some routine car maintenance services, or at least to delay an appointment with the auto shop. However, poorly maintained vehicles cause thousands of wrecks each year. The bill for accidents resultin...
Author:Margarette BurnetteDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
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