InsuranceAccidental Poisonings on the Rise Among Adults
The untimely death of actor Heath Ledger raises an important question for anyone taking multiple medications: Do you know what you're taking and how much? Americans have never had so many pharmaceutical options with which to treat a host of conditio...
Author:Kristen GerencherDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceSwitching Jobs? Play It Smart With Health Benefits
Most employers offer their employees two very important benefits: retirement savings plans and health insurance. What happens to these benefits when you change jobs? Check out the basics of your new coverage If you are going to work for a large comp...
Author:Kelsey AbbotDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceHealth plan pitfalls to watch for
Consumers searching for health insurance may encounter plenty of pitfalls along the way. One strategy for the well-to-do: If you are currently insured through an employer and can afford it, Rick McGill, principal and health consultant at Hewitt Asso...
Author:Jennie PhippsDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceDo Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?
Martin Winn's cholesterol level was inching up. Cycling up hills, he felt chest pain that might have been angina. So he and his doctor decided he should be on a cholesterol-lowering medication called a statin. He was in good company. Such drugs are...
Author:John CareyDate:03/25/14Click:7674 Full Story »
InsuranceHow Safe Is Your Rental Car?
Safety is a big deal to Maurice Correa, which is why he drives a BMW X5 -- he likes to call it his tank. The luxury SUV comes with side-curtain air bags and an award-winning head-protection system. But when he rented a car recently, he ended up with...
Author:Neil ParmarDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
Insurance6 condo insurance questions
To state the obvious, a condominium is not the same thing as a house. Usually, there's no backyard or basement, and you don't have to worry about cutting the grass or shoveling a front walk. Insurance is another area where homes and condos differ. C...
Author:Mark TerryDate:03/25/14Click:7669 Full Story »
InsuranceShake Well During Use
Once dismissed as a gimmick, vibration machines have gained popularity with pro athletes and celebrities; and now, with new research about potential health benefits, they are making their way into health clubs and mainstream retailers. The latest ge...
Author:Mary BridgesDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
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