Medications/DrugsGetting 'off meds' has consequences
Psychiatrists say it's a common scenario troubled patients stop taking their medicine, because of cost, side effects, the stigma, or delusions that they don't need it. The consequences can be tragic, though rarely as horrific as the Valentine's Day...
Author:LINDSEY TANNERDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Medications/DrugsLate-Stage Diagnosis More Likely Among Uninsured
Uninsured or Medicaid-insured patients are far more likely to be diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer than those with private insurance, according to a new American Cancer Society study of 3.5 million cancer patients with 12 of the most common ca...
Author:UnknownDate:03/25/14Click:7671 Full Story »
Medications/DrugsSocially connected people do better after surgery
People who have a strong social network feel less pain and anxiety before having surgery than their more isolated peers, according to a new study in VA patients. This translates to less pain and anxiety after the operation, less use of pain medicati...
Author:Anne HardingDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Medications/DrugsHeart drug delayed on fears of Thai policy change
An Indian drugmaker is delaying delivery of its copycat version of the heart drug Plavix because of worries Thailand's new government could change its policy on generic drugs, officials said Friday. Thailand's previous junta-appointed government iss...
Author:Anusak KonglangDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
Medications/DrugsWestern clinical trials bad for traditional medicine: SAfric
Traditional medicines used by African healers should not be exposed to Western-style clinical trials, South Africa's controversial health minister was reported as saying Saturday. We cannot use Western models of protocols for research and developmen...
Author:UnknownDate:03/25/14Click:7670 Full Story »
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