Parenting/KidsFrench health officials on trial for mad-cow disease deaths
Seven French health officials charged with involuntary homicide over the death of more than 100 children infected with a human variant of mad-cow disease went on trial Wednesday in Paris, 16 years after the first victim of their alleged negligence d...
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Parenting/KidsSLeone women step up pressure to eradicate female circumcisi
Women's rights advocacy groups in Sierra Leone are piling up pressure on authorities for the speedy eradication of female circumcision prevalent in the country, one campaigner said on Wednesday. Finda Fraser, coordinator of the Advocacy Network, sai...
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Parenting/KidsChildren of teenage dads risk problems at birth: study
A child born of a teenage father is more likely to have problems at birth ranging from pre-term delivery and low birth weight, according to a Canadian study published Thursday. The same newborn is also at greater risk of dying, says the massive stud...
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Parenting/KidsAcupuncture boosts in-vitro pregnancy chances: study
Acupuncture can increase the chance of success for couples seeking to have a baby through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), according to a review published online Friday by the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The paper looked at seven studies in which 1,...
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Parenting/KidsKids of abused mothers visit ER more often
Children whose mothers experience severe abuse at the hands of an intimate partner are more likely to wind up in hospital emergency departments, and their increased risk may persist for up to three years after the abuse has ended, new research shows...
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Parenting/KidsUN appeals for 15 million dollar emergency aid for NKorean c
A United Nations relief agency has appealed for 15 million dollars in emergency aid for North Korean children, saying last year's floods increased their vulnerability. The financial needs for 2008 include eight million dollars for health and nutriti...
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Parenting/KidsSilver dental fillings may not harm kids' brains
A new study adds to evidence that mercury-containing dental fillings do not harm children's brain development, as some have feared. Silver fillings, called amalgams, have been used to treat cavities for more than a century. The fillings are made fro...
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Parenting/KidsHealth Tip: If Your Child Goes to the Hospital
It can be a frightening experience for anyone to go to the hospital, particularly for a young child. Here are suggestions on how to prepare your child for a hospital stay, courtesy of Children's Hospital Boston: * Before you go, explain to your chil...
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Parenting/KidsYoung Sydney elephant's pregnancy sparks protests
Sydney's premier zoo is celebrating the news that its 9-year-old Asian elephant is pregnant, but animal rights groups are shocked that the zoo has let a juvenile elephant fall pregnant. Allowing such a young elephant to fall pregnant was the equival...
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Parenting/Kids"Choking game" deaths reported among U.S. youth
Between 1995 and 2007, at least 82 children and adolescents in the United States died as a result of playing the choking game, according to a report released Thursday. The choking game, which is also called the pass-out game or space monkey, involve...
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Parenting/KidsBreathing dirty air may lower kids' IQ
Kids who live in neighborhoods with heavy traffic pollution have lower IQs and score worse on other tests of intelligence and memory than children who breathe cleaner air, a new study shows. The effect of pollution on intelligence was similar to tha...
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Parenting/KidsMetabolic syndrome in kids likely to persist
Children with a clustering of cardiovascular risk factors that define the so-called metabolic syndrome are very likely to have the syndrome in mid-adulthood, or even overt heart disease or diabetes, according to a new study. The metabolic syndrome i...
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Parenting/KidsViral Therapy Slows Pediatric Tumors in Mice
A laboratory-engineered virus can successfully slow the growth of two types of hard-to-treat pediatric tumors without harming healthy tissue, a new study shows. The targeted viral therapy, dubbed rQT3, slowed neuroblastoma and peripheral nerve sheat...
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Parenting/KidsAntibiotics Do Little for Inner Ear Infections
Antibiotics don't significantly reduce fluid buildup in young children with inner ear infections, a new analysis shows. Whether such drugs work in this regard has been a matter of conjecture, with one recent study suggesting a benefit in children ag...
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Parenting/KidsZinc helps with diarrhea in children: study
Treatment with zinc supplements can cut the severity and duration of acute or persistent diarrhea in children, a study shows. Further research, however, is needed to determine exactly how zinc produces its anti-diarrheal effects, the researchers not...
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