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Weight LossObesity may be hard-wired in the brain: study
Obesity may be hard-wired into the brain from birth, according to a new animal study released Tuesday that appears to bolster the notion that some people are more prone to pile on the pounds than others. The study showed that obese rats had faulty b...
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Weight LossA good night's sleep reduces childhood obesity risk: study
Children lacking enough shut-eye face a greater risk of becoming obese than kids who get a good night's sleep, according to a study released Thursday. Each extra hour of sleep cuts a child's risk of becoming overweight or obese by nine percent, acco...
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Weight LossLow-Carb Diets Better Than Low-Fat Diets at Preventing Diabe
A diet low in carbohydrates but high in animal fat and protein doesn't seem to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in women, a new study claims. One study is never enough to change a recommendation, but this study is interesting in that it shows th...
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Weight LossModern life means modern ills for obese Pacific islanders
Glossy photographs in tourist brochures showing lean, fit and muscular Pacific islanders fishing with spears from canoes in azure lagoons and shimmying up coconut palms hide an ugly truth. Pacific islands are in the midst of a crisis of obesity and...
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Weight LossWeight loss may not harm obese teens' bones
Although adults who lose weight may also lose some bone mass, obese adolescents seem to keep gaining bone density as they shed pounds, a study suggests. The findings, reported in the medical journal Obesity, offer some reassurance that obese childre...
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Weight LossBritish researchers link obesity to more cancers
Obesity can double the risk of several cancers, according to a study published on Friday that for the first time also links being overweight with a number of less common forms of the disease. The analysis of 144 published studies incorporating some...
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Weight LossSalsalate cuts blood sugar levels in obese adults
A drug approved for the treatment of arthritis may have a role in reducing the risk of diabetes and heart trouble developing in young obese individuals, Harvard researchers report. Compared with an inactive placebo, the anti-inflammatory drug salsal...
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Weight LossObesity growing to be top cancer cause
Obesity is on its way to being deadlier than smoking as a cause of cancer, a leading researcher said Friday. Being obese is currently associated with about 14 percent of cancer deaths in men and 20 percent in women, compared with about 30 percent ea...
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Weight LossBeing overweight may raise cancer risk
Being obese or even overweight may increase a person's risk of developing up to a dozen different types of cancer, European researchers report in a new study. Doctors have long suspected a link between weight gain and certain cancers, including colo...
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Weight LossObesity Raises Cancer Risk
The more weight you carry on your body, the greater your odds of developing cancer, British researchers report. This is true not only of fairly common cancers such as colon and breast, but also of lesser known varieties, including gallbladder. Moreo...
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Weight LossObesity boosts cancer risk, says health review
Being obese boosts the risk of half a dozen types of cancer, and the odds strengthen as one's waistline thickens, according to a major review published on Saturday by The Lancet. Doctors at the University of Manchester, northwestern England, trawled...
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Weight LossTV ads in Spanish may fuel kid obesity: study
A siege of fast-food commercials on Spanish-language television channels in the United States may be helping drive an obesity epidemic among Latino youth, researchers reported on Tuesday. Two or three food commercials air every hour during prime-tim...
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Weight LossHealth Tip: Zinc in Your Diet
Zinc is a mineral that the body needs to help the immune system, in wound healing, and in the breakdown of carbohydrates. Second only to iron in its concentration in the body, zinc is found in protein-rich foods such as meat, peanuts and peanut butt...
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Weight LossCut salt to keep children thin: study
Reducing the amount of salt that children eat could provide a short-cut to keeping them slim, British researchers reported on Wednesday. They found that children who ate less salt drank fewer sugary soft drinks and could reduce their risk of high bl...
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Weight LossStrokes among middle-aged women triple
NEW ORLEANS - Strokes have tripled in recent years among middle-aged women in the U.S., an alarming trend doctors blame on the obesity epidemic. Nearly 2 percent of women ages 35 to 54 reported suffering a stroke in the most recent federal health su...
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