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  • Treasury bill rates decline 03/25/14
         WASHINGTON - Interest rates on short-term Treasury bills fell in Monday's auction to the lowest levels in three years. The Treasury Department auctioned $23 bill...
  • Rebel gets 60 years for hostage-taking 03/25/14
         WASHINGTON - A Colombian rebel leader was sentenced to 60 years in prison Monday and labeled a terrorist for helping hold three U.S. contractors hostage as part ...
  • Fed holds fourth credit auction 03/25/14
         WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve, working to combat effects of a serious credit crisis, said Tuesday it had auctioned $30 billion in funds to commercial banks at...
  • House panel to subpoena FDA officials 03/25/14
         WASHINGTON - A congressional subcommittee voted Tuesday to subpoena former and current Food and Drug Administration investigators to testify about fraudulent cli...
  • Government ethics an issue at all levels 03/25/14
         WASHINGTON - Anyone who thinks Washington is an ethical quagmire should talk to a cross-section of government employees, who say the problem is worse at the stat...
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