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Animals & PetsJunta moves zoo animals in Myanmar
YANGON, Myanmar - First, the civil servants were transferred to Myanmar's newly built capital deep in the countryside. Now, it's time for the rhinos and elephants to move. The military government this week began using cranes and trucks to relocate s...
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Animals & PetsZoo Atlanta to resume mating pandas
ATLANTA - Zoo Atlanta is hoping to hear the pitter-patter of little panda paws again. Now that giant panda cub Mei Lan is old enough to be weaned, zookeepers hope her mother, Lun Lun, is ready to mate again. If all goes as planned, Lun Lun will beco...
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Animals & PetsMystery deaths halt Bengal tiger tracking plan
DHAKA (AFP) - Wildlife rangers in Bangladesh said Saturday they have stopped tracking Royal Bengal tigers due to the mystery death of two of the critically endangered big cats who were fitted with radio transmitters. The first tiger was found dead i...
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Animals & PetsBeef industry, animal rights groups duel
DENVER - The cattle industry and animal rights groups bickered over the treatment of beef destined for U.S. dinner plates a day after secret video triggered the nation's largest meat recall. Undercover video taken at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. o...
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Animals & PetsAntarctic census set to reveal new species: scientists
SYDNEY (AFP) - An international project to document the sea life of Antarctica is likely to reveal new species among the dinner-plate sized sea spiders and other overgrown animals of the deep, scientists said Wednesday. Researchers from the Australi...
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Animals & PetsNext human plague 'likely to come from animal contact'
PARIS (AFP) - Scores of infectious diseases have emerged to threaten humans in the past decades as viruses leap the species barrier from wild animals and bacteria mutate into antibiotic-resistant strains, scientists have reported. Presenting the fir...
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Animals & PetsMeatloaf the cat heads home after trek
PHOENIX - A cat who took a three-week cross-country ride to Arizona in a storage container is headed home to Florida. Arizona Humane Society officials say the 2-year-old gray cat crawled into the locker in Pompano Beach, Fla., while a man loaded it...
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Animals & PetsWolves to be removed from species list
BILLINGS, Mont. - Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies will be removed from the endangered species list, following a 13-year restoration effort that helped the animal's population soar, federal officials said Thursday. An estimated 1,500 wolves now r...
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Animals & PetsUCLA: Animal research leads to threats
LOS ANGELES - A judge issued a temporary restraining order Thursday against animal rights groups and activists accused of threatening UCLA employees and graduate students because they conduct research using animals. The order by Superior Court Judge...
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Animals & PetsBrooklyn welcomes rare red panda Mao Mi
NEW YORK - All the other animals must be green with envy. The one getting the most attention at Brooklyn's Prospect Park Zoo these days is Mao Mi, a rare red panda that just arrived from his former home at Michigan's Binder Park Zoo. Red pandas are...
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Animals & PetsPetco sells fewer pets; PETA differs on reason
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Petco Animal Supplies Inc said it is selling fewer pets to make space for more products as the retailer tailors outlets to local markets following an ongoing review of its marketing strategy. A Petco spokesman said on Friday the...
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Animals & PetsWhalers hit by foul Antarctic weather, protesters say
SYDNEY (AFP) - Militant animal rights activists chasing Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters said Monday they were battling raging seas and snow storms that had put the hunt on hold. This is the roughest it's been for some time, captain Paul Watson...
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