BiotechnologyEU orders China to prove that rice is GMO free
BRUSSELS (AFP) - The European Commission demanded Tuesday that China provide proof that rice products it is sending to the EU do not contain a genetically modified strain. The European Commission decided today to require compulsory certification for...
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BiotechnologyPoland sticking to planned GMO livestock fodder ban: ministr
WARSAW (AFP) - Poland is sticking to plans to ban the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in livestock fodder, despite an earlier rethink, the agriculture ministry announced Tuesday. Ministry spokeswoman Malgorzata Ksiazyk told AFP that the...
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BiotechnologyBrazil authorizes genetically modified crops
BRASILIA (AFP) - Brazil's National Biosecurity Council on Tuesday authorized the planting and sale of two types of genetically modified corn, angering some rural groups which consider them environmentally risky. Science and Technology Minister Sergi...
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BiotechnologyTop scientists gather for debate on 21st century challenges
BOSTON, Massachusetts (AFP) - Burning public health issues, cloned animals and the dangers of climate change will top the agenda at a conference drawing some 10,000 eminent scientists from around the world. The annual conference of the American Asso...
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BiotechnologyGermany considers changing stem cell laws
BERLIN (Reuters) - German lawmakers are considering changes to laws on stem cell research as pressure grows for an easing of restrictions that local scientists complain prevent them from keeping up with global advances. The Bundestag lower house of...
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BiotechnologyResearchers get closer to safe stem cell treatments
CHICAGO (AFP) - Researchers came a step closer to finding a safe way to use stem cells in clinical treatment Thursday when a team of Japanese scientists announced they found a way to induce stem cells without triggering tumors. Stem cells are consid...
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BiotechnologyGenes that conquered cold blamed for fat
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Genes that helped early humans adapt to cold climates may be driving metabolism-related diseases such as obesity or diabetes in many countries, U.S. researchers said on Thursday. They found a strong correlation between climate an...
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BiotechnologyEU clashes over authorizing GMO maize types
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union farm ministers fell short of a consensus agreement on Monday to allow imports of five genetically modified (GMO) products, paving the way for default approval by legal rubberstamp, EU officials said. The products...
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BiotechnologyEU split over biotech maize, potato
BRUSSELS (AFP) - EU farm ministers failed on Monday to agree whether to allow new strains of genetically modified maize and potato, amid persisting divisions over biotech products. There wasn't a qualified majority either in favour or against for th...
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BiotechnologyChina gene experts search for answers on diabetes
SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) - Chinese scientists are trying to find out which errant genes are responsible for diabetes and certain forms of cancer that have long plagued Chinese populations, a geneticist said. Rising affluence, richer diets and a sed...
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