EnergySaturnian moon has more energy than Earth's oil and gas rese
PARIS (AFP) - Imagine a place awash with more hydrocarbons than a Texan oilman can dream of and where no one has staked a single claim -- all that energy is just going begging. The problem: this massive reserve is at least 1.2 billion kilometers (75...
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EnergyShell sets out vision of energy future
LONDON (AFP) - Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell unveiled its vision of the world's future energy sources Thursday, suggesting two scenarios where policy either remains with individual countries or is decentralised to allow a reduction in energy consumpti...
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EnergyOceans eyed as new energy source
DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Just 15 miles off Florida's coast, the world's most powerful sustained ocean current the mighty Gulf Stream rushes by at nearly 8.5 billion gallons per second. And it never stops. To scientists, it represents a tantalizing possib...
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EnergyBill Clinton campaigns for wife in Ohio
TOLEDO, Ohio - Former President Clinton told hundreds of Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters on Sunday that her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination will likely come down to contests next month in Ohio and Texas. It's up to you, he to...
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EnergyVenezuela asks ExxonMobil to talk, drop legal cases
CARACAS, Feb 19, 2008 (AFP) - Venezuela has asked US oil giant ExxonMobil to resume World Bank-sponsored talks to resolve a nationalization dispute and to drop legal cases in New York and London, Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said Tuesday. We have...
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EnergyGazprom chief visits Iran for gas cooperation talks: company
MOSCOW, Feb 19, 2008 (AFP) - The CEO of Russian gas monopoly Gazprom visited Iran on Tuesday for talks on joint projects in Iran and cooperation on natural gas sales by Moscow and Tehran, the company said in a statement. Alexei Miller met Iran's Oil...
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EnergyNeighbors clash over trees, solar power
SUNNYVALE, Calif. - In an environmental dispute seemingly scripted for eco-friendly California, a man asked prosecutors to file charges against his neighbors because their towering redwoods blocked sunlight to his backyard solar panels. But the coup...
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EnergyHouse to vote next week on energy tax bill
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives will vote next week on legislation that would levy $18 billion in taxes on big oil companies to help pay for extending renewable energy tax credits, Democratic leaders said on Thursday. The legisla...
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EnergyGovernors: Include coal in energy debate
WASHINGTON - Governors pushing alternative energy development are not shying from coal, a major culprit in global warming but also a homegrown energy source and an economic lifeline for many states. Leaders of coal-rich states say clean-coal technol...
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EnergyU.S. gasoline prices rise to $3.10 a gallon: survey
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The average price for a gallon of gasoline in the United States rose in the last two weeks, tracking a rise in crude oil prices, according to a nationwide survey. The national average for self-serve, regular, unleaded gas was $3...
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