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Cold marches east; more rain/snow ahead Author:Mark Avery Date:03/25/14 Click:


Big temperature changes are on the way for the Northeast today, although not quite as dramatic as what happened yesterday and early this morning in the Midwest. Rain will spread across the region, with a changeover to snow in the Interior this morning before ending by this afternoon. Freezing rain is possible over Northern New England this morning. After the precipitation wraps up later today, the next chance of precipitation moves into the region Friday in the form of rain near the coast, with a wintry mix in the interior, and snow in Maine. Snow showers will linger in Northern New England and northern New York State on Saturday and Sunday. Highs today will range from the 20s in western Pennsylvania, southwestern New York, and West Virginia, to the 50s on the Delmarva Peninsula. Highs tomorrow will range from around 20 in northern Maine to the 40s near the coast.


Snow continues to fall around the Great Lakes this morning behind the strong Arctic cold front that brought the massive temperature change yesterday. Snow showers will fall today over parts of the Missouri River Valley today as a new storm system pulls out of the Rockies and strengthens over the Plains. By tomorrow, snow will fall from the Central Plains to the Great Lakes with some locally heavy snows possible. By Friday, the snow will move into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes with some lingering snow showers possible over the Upper Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes over the weekend. Highs today will range from the teens below zero over the Red River Valley of the North to the 50s in southern Kansas. Highs tomorrow will range from the single digits over northern Minnesota to the 40s in the Ohio Valley.


Two systems will affect the West today: one that is moving through the Rockies, another that will move ashore in the Pacific Northwest. The one moving through the Rockies will strengthen as it reaches the Great Plains, bringing gusty winds to Front of the Rockies by this afternoon and evening. Along the West Coast, locally heavy rain will fall along the coast from Northern California to Washington, with heavy snow in the various mountain ranges (Cascades, Siskiyou, and northern Sierra). A series of systems will impact the Pacific Northwest through the weekend, with another system digging south into the Southwest by Sunday bringing a chance of rain to Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Highs today will range from the single digits below zero in northeastern Montana to the 60s in the Lower Colorado River Valley and southern New Mexico. Highs tomorrow will range from the teens in the Rockies to the 60s in Southern California and southwestern Arizona.


A much cooler day is on tap for the South after the warmth of yesterday in much of the region. An area of low pressure will strengthen over the Plains today, bringing windy conditions to the Southern Plains. By tomorrow, temperatures will be a touch warmer over much of the South, with a chance of rain and thunderstorms by the afternoon in the Lower Mississippi Valley spreading across the South with isolated severe storms possible near the Gulf Coast. Cold temperatures will remain over Oklahoma and northern Arkansas, where a chance of snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Rain and wind reach the Southeast Coast on Friday. The weekend should remain dry over much of the region except in East Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley where a few showers are possible on Sunday. Highs today will range from the 30s in the mountains of western Virginia and much of Tennessee to the 70s over much of the Florida Peninsula and the Rio Grande Valley. Highs tomorrow will range from the 30s over Oklahoma and northern Arkansas to the 80s in Southwest Florida.

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