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Australia class=ulink & AntarcticaAustralia to apologize to Aborigines
MOUNT DRUITT, Australia - As a girl, Mari Melito Russell felt out of place. She was darker than the other kids at school, she felt more comfortable in the forest than her suburban home and she had vivid dreams of an Aboriginal woman beckoning her. A...
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Australia class=ulink & AntarcticaJapan kills whales as protesters pull out: report
SYDNEY (AFP) - Japanese harpoonists killed five whales in one day after protesters who had halted the hunt in Antarctic waters were forced to return to port to refuel, an Australian report said Friday. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith had raised the i...
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Australia class=ulink & AntarcticaAboriginal leaders to welcome lawmakers
CANBERRA, Australia - Aborigines have long lived on the fringe of Australian society, but they will take center stage when Parliament holds a historic ceremony to acknowledge the nation's capital is built on their land. On Thursday, Aboriginal leade...
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Australia class=ulink & AntarcticaMedia bidding war starts for Guantanamo ex-detainee
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian David Hicks, the only Guantanamo Bay detainee convicted of terrorism charges, is at the centre of a worldwide media bidding war for his story, with a possible price tag of A$1 million (US$892,000), local media said. Hic...
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Australia class=ulink & AntarcticaWife's body kept in drum for 23 years, Australian court told
SYDNEY (AFP) - A man kept his wife's body in a drum container at the family home for 23 years after pretending she had run off with another man, Australian prosecutors said Thursday. Frederick William Boyle, 58, of the Melbourne suburb of Carrum Dow...
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Australia class=ulink & AntarcticaAustralian planned apology to Aborigines runs into problems
SYDNEY (AFP) - The Australian government's plan to apologise to Aborigines for past injustices ran into trouble Thursday when the opposition indicated it might not support the move. The failure of white Australia to speak with a united voice on the...
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