Latin America
Latin AmericaPuerto Rico home of deadly syndrome
AGUADILLA, Puerto Rico - Mayra Nieve is used to being ostracized and called names as an albino in this Caribbean community. What she fears is not being able to breathe. Nieve is among hundreds of Puerto Ricans who have a rare type of albinism that l...
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Latin AmericaPolice: New evidence in Holloway case
ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Aruban prosecutors said Thursday that authorities are investigating new information in the Natalee Holloway case provided by a Dutch crime reporter. Information from reporter Peter R. de Vries may help considerably in resolving w...
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Latin AmericaMexico seeks US probe of border tear gas
MEXICO CITY - Mexico has formally requested the United States investigate recent incidents in which Border Patrol officers fired tear gas onto the Mexican side of the border, the government said Thursday. After being upbraided by the country's top h...
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Latin AmericaMexico to focus on crimes against women
MEXICO CITY - Mexico has created a new federal position to prosecute violence against women and human exploitation, as rights groups urge the government to do more to investigate the killings of women, especially along the U.S. border. The position,...
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Latin AmericaArgentine activists take torture center
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentina's Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who launched a human rights crusade in the late 70s against a bloody dictatorship, took control of a building at a former naval academy that was the junta's chief torture center. Ac...
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Latin AmericaMexican farmers protest US trade pact
MEXICO CITY - Led by a column of tractors, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through downtown Mexico City on Thursday to protest recent trade openings that removed the last tariff protections for ancestral Mexican crops like corn and beans....
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Latin America'Missing link' crocodile found in Brazil
SAO PAULO, Brazil - The 80 million-year-old remains of a land-bound reptile described as a possible link between prehistoric and modern-day crocodiles were displayed to the public for the first time on Thursday. The fossil of the 5 1/2-foot-long pre...
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Latin AmericaJudge bans Holocaust float in Brazil
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - There will be no simulated pile of naked, emaciated corpses and no dancing Hitler at the world's biggest street party. A judge on Thursday blocked a carnival float meant to show that the Holocaust gives you goose bumps. Work...
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